The path untraveled

She found herself quite lost All memories a misty haze Was last night a reality? Or had she just slept for days?   Forwards confused, backwards perplexed The most complex addition Clutter and vacuum intertwined A misfit of every definition   Nomad Gypsy Hippy Punk One of all and yet one of none Wandering day…


Copywriting – SEO copy written for ‘The Cool Rental Guide’. Review of Californian holiday accommodation. By Carly Short

Outside in is not true

Outside in is not true But looks to be most common To adore the heart before the shell Is an idea most have forgotten   Outside in is not true Non-thinking by the masses Amalgamating together easier As the extended time passes   Outside in is not true And thoughts can’t always be trusted Idle obedience…


If it happens and works then I would not seek recognition I would re-submerge And the peace alone would suffice.   If it happens and fails then the blame would be mine I would resurface And that would be less nice.   -CarlyLou  

Escaping control

Assumptions can be troublesome Prior warned not to bite But the line was just too tempting No wonder it ended in fright   How many repeats are needed Before the cloudy waters clear? There seems to be a mighty barrier Cemented strong by fear   There’s only one conversation Bore in, bore out, bore down…


The sound is deafening Thoughts pierce the mind A jumbled potion Mixed up whilst blind Drank up in haste Assumed to be a healer Turns out to be poison Making ideas clearer Telling to excess More pieces needed Foolish trust follows The sound exceeded   -CarlyLou