Surprise sneeze

Clear as day I’ve tripped

Tumbled, face before feet

Such a remarkable shock it was

You could liken it to a surprise sneeze!


That can’t be so

Like a sneeze you say?

I know right, I’m dazed

Disney didn’t tell me it’d happen this way


Come now, you’re dreaming

It can’t be true

But no! I pinched

I’m not lying to you


I’ve tried to stay cool

To keep my feelings at bay

But I’m lost in your eyes

Listen to me, I’m such a cliche!


In years long passed by

I’d have chuckled at this rhyme

‘Only fools fall in love’ I’d say

Funny how things change with time


Oh yes, hilarious

For sure it is not!

I didn’t follow the stories

I got lost in the plot


But now it’s all clear

I can see what I missed

And quite frankly it was less stressful

Living in my naive bliss!






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