DREAM BLOG – all doors lead to you

I’m at the bottom of a spiral staircase. The kind you get in an ancient castle tower. Stone steps. Small windows. Dark. Cold.

I look up. I look back. No exit to be found. Behind me is a damp grey wall.

“Well I guess I’ll be going up here then”

I make my way up the spiralling stairs with nothing but my eerie footsteps for company. As I climb higher, I notice the air starts to brighten, to lighten. I reach the top and I’m greeted by a long, narrow corridor. Three black doors on the left hand wall, three windows on the right. Sunlight streams in through the windows illuminating each door, making pyramids of light for the dust to dance in. And at the end of the corridor, opposite where I stand, is one more door. A far away yellow door.

I approach the first black door and try the handle. It opens. Inside there are shadows. I cannot see what lurks within but I’m curious. I edge closer to sneak a look and the door swings closed behind me. Immediately I start to spin. I desperately try to grab a hold of something, anything to stop me from turning. But, just as soon as it had started, the nauseating spinning stops and I’m dumped in a heap on a cold stone floor. Feeling dazed I climb to my feet and take in my surroundings.

“What the!?”

I’m back where I started, at the bottom of the spiral staircase. Confused and amused I make my way up the spiralling steps again. Everything the same. Stone steps. Small windows. Dark. Cold. But this time a little bit darker. I reach the top and I’m greeted by the same long, narrow corridor. Only this time instead of three there are only two black doors on the left and two illuminating, dust dancing windows on the right.

A trip through the second and third doors repeats this pattern until there are no windows to light and but one door to see. The yellow door. The yellow door which, although there is now no light, seems to shine all on its own. The path before me is now clear, no more distractions. Just the yellow door. Pulling me closer.

I walk slowly towards it, take a look behind me but the staircase is now gone. The grey wall behind seems to follow me like it were my shadow. Just dark shadowy dead ends or the yellow. I don’t know why I had to go through all those doors before this now but somehow I understand that it was needed. It had to get darker before it got brighter. It was the journey I had to take in order to be prepared for the yellow. Without that journey, the door would be locked. But it isn’t locked now. I know it will be open. But what will it reveal? As I get closer I can feel myself becoming increasingly nervous. But somehow it’s a welcome nervousness. After all, it’s the only way forward. And it’s so much better than the dizzying blackness behind me.

I place a finger on the handle, the yellow wraps around me and I feel its warmth embrace me. I push the door open. Such light invites me further but it’s difficult to see past it. A smile stretches across my lips as I feel the warmth caress my face and I step inside excited.

My eyes gradually become accustomed to the light and they explore the room I have come into. I wonder if I should check behind me but I don’t have to, I know the door will be gone. This is where I am supposed to be now. No going back.

The room is a long narrow room not much wider than the corridor was. It is empty but for one thing. At the end of the room, much like the yellow door had been at the end of the corridor, is a seat. A yellow seat. Of course. And the room is oh so warm.

As I venture further into the hazy bright light I begin to see with more clarity. That seat is not just a seat. That seat has a someone sitting upon it.

My legs turn to jelly

My heart jumps a beat

My smile grows so large I think I might fall to my feet

It starts to become clear

Now I know what to do

Because I know who is that someone. I know it is you.

“Hi” says I

“Hey” says you

I beam. I blush. You come into view.

By now my head is whirling,

“Is there room there for two?”

“Of course” you say with a smile “I’ve been waiting for you”

– by CarlyLou


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