UNKNOWN TRUTHS – ignorance is a deadly weapon

Ignorance is arguably one of the the biggest threats to our world.


It leads to misinformed judgement. It leads to cowardice and prejudice and jealously and hate and greed.


I do not wish for all people to agree with me or with one another. I do not wish for people to share my views or my beliefs. What I wish is for people to think for themselves, for people to use the phenomenal organs nestled inside their skulls, instead of blindly following the narrow-minded, short-sighted stereotypes presented to them in various forms and guises. Everything is a choice. You can choose. There is always a choice, always. It is true that every choice has a consequence. Be brave enough to accept responsibility for each decision, be brave enough to choose your own path.


You do not have to be submissive or obedient in your own mind.




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