UNKNOWN TRUTHS – ironic robots

Is it ironic that the type of ‘robot thinking’ – one size fits all – which is common in human psychology is part of what makes us human, is what leads to human error? There is a misconception that you must treat everyone the same because we are all equal. All people are equal yes, no one is better than any other. However, we all too are different and therefore must be treated as the individuals that we are.


The brain can be lazy and when presented with a problem will search its archives for memories of past experiences which presented a similar problem. It will automatically apply the same solution to the new problem. Sometimes this works. Sometimes this saves time and energy. Sometimes it does not. And if an old solution is applied to a new problem wrongly, the outcome is an error, human error.


Stop. THINK. Create. Invent.

Use your ideas to make novel solutions. Project your theories forward to predict their outcomes. The time and energy spent might just be worth it.


I wish all doctors would read this. People are not clones.




2 thoughts on “UNKNOWN TRUTHS – ironic robots

  1. It’s this robot thinking that rationalizes war and greed as necessary and gives voters faith in a politiical system that has only its best interest at heart.

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